Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Healthy Turkey Chili

Healthy Turkey Chili,
From the kitchen of April Warner

Chop up one small onion and a medium sized pepper.  If you want to add more vegetables you can-it really doesn't add a lot of calories. Spray a small amount of pam (just enough to cover the bottom of the pan lightly) into a pot that you will later use for the chili) and stir fry the vegetables. Side note- I always use pam as opposed to oil or butter.  You only need a small amount! a lot less calories!
In the mean time, get the lean ground turkey (I use about a pound usually-depends on what the package has in it or how much I have prebagged/frozen before hand I think yours was a little over a pound if I remember right) and brown the meat and drain the grease.  I don't add anything (oil, etc) to the pan when I brown this.  If you want to make it spicy, you can add chili powder and crushed red peppers.  
After the meat is browned, put it into the pot with the vegetables.
Add 1 cup of kidney beans and 1cup of black beans.  I actually experiment with different types of beans sometimes but those are the types I used when I made yours.  I usually get low sodium when available.
Add 46oz (about a large can) of tomato juice.  I use low sodium, 100% juice. Heat the whole mixture until it boils.  If you want, you can add a couple teaspoons of brown sugar.  It just helps with the taste and will only add about 30 cals to the entire recipe.  Depending on how liquidy or thick you want it depends on how much juice you use.
The calories will vary slightly depending on brands you use, but it shouldn't vary too much.  The only time it should significantly vary is if you use different types of meat (lean vs not lean), etc.  Also, the weight of the meat will cause it to vary a bit if it is a pound vs 17oz or something.  Other than that, it should be about the same as I told you last time (116 calories I think it was).  I calculated it again and it was within a few calories per serving (with different brands).

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