Sunday, August 2, 2015

Best homemade popcorn

Best homemade popcorn:
From the Kitchen of Stephanie 

Coconut Oil
Clarified Butter
Salt (I prefer Pink Himalayan Sea Salt)
Popcorn kernels

Pick whatever size pot you want (just make sure it has a lid that fits)and put it over high heat. Pour (or melt) enough coconut oil in the bottom of the pan to completely cover it. Add 1 TBSP of clarified butter (if you'd like a more buttery taste to the popcorn). Then, add a single layer of popcorn kernels (if you make the layer too thick they will just burn). Next, salt your kernels (I prefer to use Pink Himalayan Sea Salt). Finally, add the lid and once it starts popping listen for it to slow down to a pop every 3 seconds and then remove from heat. 

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