Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Breakfast for Dinner

A new tradition that we've started in our family is having breakfast for dinner once a week.

This started because Madison LOVES breakfast and she doesn't always love what we eat for dinner. Madison is a great eater, but she definitely has some favorites, so I try to accommodate them when I can. Thus, breakfast for dinner.

Tonight we are going to have pancakes, scrambled eggs with goat cheese, and apple smoked bacon.

For the pancakes I just use Trader Joe's Pancake mix (I cut the recipe in half when we have other items served with it)

For the Eggs, I use equal whole eggs to egg whites. So, tonight I will use 4 eggs and 4 egg whites and about three tablespoons of milk. I whisk them all together and scramble them in a frying pan. When they are just about done, I will add about three tablespoons of goat cheese to the eggs and finish cooking while the goat cheese melts through.

For the Bacon I also use a favorite from Trader Joes, Apple Smoked Bacon (containing no nitrites or nitrates)!

Adding breakfast once week has also saved us money. I typically have most of these items on hand already, so it's one less meal a week that I have to buy ingredients for!

Take a break! Enjoy breakfast for dinner one night this week! If you do, share what you had...I think next week we'll have crepes!

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