Friday, September 9, 2011

Fall is Coming

I love Fall!

Fall has such fun recipes!

I was given a sneak preview of Fall in our recent trip to Tennessee. During one of the rainy days there, we had a most delicious lunch that I had to share with you.

My friend Renee prepared the "Roasted Red Pepper" Soup from Trader Joes...she heated it on the stove and then added some of her own seasonings to fancy it up (garlic, salt, and pepper) Then just after pouring each bowl of soup she topped it with Goat Cheese...genius!

True Confession: I am obsessed with Goat Cheese right now!

Anyway, so she topped each bowl of soup with Goat Cheese....which translated equalled the equivalent of food heaven. I will definitely be doing this A LOT this fall with all different sorts of soups (pumpkin and butternut squash soup comes to mind).

We also had yummy grilled cheese sandwiches (another favorite in our house).

An aside: I have never liked tomatoes, but just recently (about a month ago) I started adding them to things and I've since decided I really like them cooked...not such a fan of them cold (in salads and such), but I do like them warm.

Okay, back to the grilled cheese sandwiches. Renee used Sour Dough (our bread of choice as well for a grilled cheese) and then proceeded to spread pesto (a favorite of mine on pizza and paninis) and filled the sandwiches with munster cheese (another favorite) and thinly sliced tomatoes...who'd have thought! I've had grilled cheese with tomato soup, but never tomatoes in grilled cheese. I LOVED it!

Well, last night we were feeling a little under the weather so we made soup and grilled cheese. I mimicked the grilled cheese, but also added some black forest ham. So fun!

Then tonight, I was in the mood for it again (I mean I had the fresh tomatoes, so why not). Tonight I made it a little differently. I did pesto, munster, tomatoes and sliced mushrooms! Oh my goodness, I loved it...wish I had also added some spinach!

I can't wait for Fall to truly arrive here in Southern California because soups and stews are calling my name, along with A LOT of Fall baking!

If you have any Fall recipes that you'd like to share, I would LOVE to post them and to also try them!


Di-N- Mike said...

Steph - for the pesto do u make your own or buy? Just wondering what kind u use if u buy,,, ;)

Stephanie said...

Di, I have done both! Homemade pesto is so fun to make, but this time I used Trader Joes. I have also used butolli's (sp?).

Di-N- Mike said...

I was thinkin it might be TJ's...I think I'll grab some the next time I'm there...thanks friend! (and I totally think I'm trying the munster cheese and tomatoes thing next time I do our grill cheese and tomato soup night...thanks for the inspiration!)