Saturday, June 5, 2010

Chicken Salad

Chicken Salad
From the Kitchen of Kim McManus

I like to use grilled chicken (but you can use your favorite kind of chicken) in bite size chunks
Cherry tomatoes cut in half
Fresh parsley
Hellmann’s Mayo (it does make a difference)
Lemon juice
Salt to taste
Dash of Black pepper
Garlic powder (optional)

Take about 4 very rounded tablespoons of mayo into a mixing bowl. Add juice from ½ a lemon. Mix together. Then whisk in half-n-half until it is a thick dressing consistency. Add salt to the dressing.
Add your chicken, tomatoes, and fresh chopped parsley to the dressing, add a dash or two of black pepper. And enjoy.

I use the garlic powder if the chicken doesn’t have a lot of flavor.

If I don’t have the fresh parsley then I’ll add fresh spinach leaves instead and it is equally as good. It is very yummy on crackers or fresh croissants.

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