Monday, December 10, 2007

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup (crockpot)

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup
by: Stephanie

Serves: 5-6
Cook Time: 6-8 hours in the crockpot...up to you how long you want it to simmer
**you can make this on the stove (cooking time cuts down to about 2 hours total), but flavor is richer in crockpot**

**I cook with all organic products

5-7 stalks of celery...including the celery leaves (chopped)
1 sm onion (cut in half)
6-8 carrots (chopped)
2 boneless skinless chicken breasts (frozen or thawed)
8 cups chicken broth
2-3 cups of favorite pasta (I like to use orzo pasta)
Seasonings (all to taste)
1-2 tbsp thyme
1-2 tbsp celery seed
1-2 tbsp black pepper
1-2 tsp dill
1-2 tsp basil (dried or fresh)
1-2 tsp parsley
1-2 tsp bay leaves
1-2 tsp onion flakes
1-2 tsp salt (or celery salt if you have it)

1. Combine broth, and onion halves in crockpot
2. Add chicken (if frozen, just add about an hour to your cooking time)
3. Cook on High for about 4-5 hours
4. Pull chicken out and shred on cutting board, disposing of any fat or veins
5. Add chicken back to crockpot, along with celery, carrots, and seasonings
6. Cook for about 1.5 more hours on high.....until the carrots are cooked through (the longer you cook the soup, the more flavor the chicken and veggies will take on)
7. While the veggies are cooking, cook the pasta...when pasta is almost done strain the pasta under cold water and add to soup. (it will keep cooking once added to soup)...if you're planning on freezing the soup, don't add the pasta to the soup, just add it to the bowls and pour soup on top
8. Let cook about 5-7 more minutes before serving

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