Thursday, January 10, 2008

Candied Pecans

by: Anna McElligott

Halved Pecans (Warehouse stores like Costco or Sam's will have the large pkgs.)
Maple Syrup (I use our favorite pancake syrup)
Brown Sugar
White Sugar

This recipe is done more by feel and sight.

Put the pecans on an ungreased jelly roll pan and roast at 350F until they get hot through and through. (Anywhere between 5-10 minutes, but check them with your hand, because you don't want them to become burned).
Put them in a container that you can stir them up in comfortably. Pour some of your syrup over them and as you do stir the nuts at the same time to coat. The trick here is to just drizzle the syrup and get them damp, you don't want pools of syrup in the pan. You probably won't even need a whole cup of syrup.
Then after you've drizzled the syrup, grab a handful of brown sugar and sprinkle over the nuts, and do the same with the white sugar. If you feel you need and/or want more sugar, add as much as you like. The nuts will look like they don't have that much sugar on them, but once put back in the oven, you will see the sugar crystallize.
Put the nuts back on a greased cookie sheet (sprayed with Pam) and put back in oven for about 5-10 minutes. Stir them every minute so they don't stick in clumps. Again, you don't want them to burn, so use your judgment as to when to take them out.
When you take them out and let them cool, do like the caramel corn and stir them until they are cooled so they are separate from each other.

Like I said, this recipe is a trial and error one, but you pretty much can't go wrong. They will taste one way one time and a bit different the next. These store just as well as the caramel corn.

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